The Brownies – in 2017 trio The Brownies has celebrited six years of existence. Uniting many genres, its style is hard to define. Soul, latin-american jazz, swing, reggae, blues.
Three basic membres who create complete band sound are:
Pavel Rohlena on eight string guitar (which is hybrid of bass and guitar and accomplishes both instruments at the same time) also sings and makes mouth perccusions sounds.

Annamaria d´Almeida sings and continually develops scat singing technique.

Hana Rohlenová plays original drum set with percussive components.

Solo players who cooperate with The Brownies trio:
Michaela Majorová – singer alternation
Martin Debřička – tenor saxofon, soprano saxofon
Anna Kurková – alt saxofon, flute
Nela Dusová – tenor saxofon
Jakub Reil - trumpet
Jakub Vik – tenor saxofon
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